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Hi Everyone! I’m Copernicus the Lab Mouse, official spokes-mouse for THE AMYGDALAB! 

Copernicus, Lab Mouse and Official Spokesman for The Amygdalab

Research Associates at our Literary Research Facility have been hard at work on a special project for book lovers and are now ready to share their results!  After months of painstaking research, experimentation, and inquiry our intrepid Library Scientists have released a set of Fictional Bar Coasters, pulled straight from the pages of classic works of literature! These bookish items make great literary gifts for book lovers, book worms, or whatever else one might call the special readers in their life.

Here’s a quick look at each of the coasters:

Ishmael’s Seaside Tavern

         The Amygdalab’s Associate Librarian Oswald Humphreys took on the courageous task of following the trail of the Pequod.  He discovered that after Ishmael’s harrowing ordeal aboard the Pequod chasing the great Moby Dick, he was fortunate enough to be picked up by a passing fishing vessel.  Eventually he made his way back to Nantucket.  His sea-faring days over, Ishmael settled down and opened up a port-side tavern.   Sailors and townsfolk mingle there to swap stories of their adventures at sea, and to enjoy the briny ocean air, great food, and even better drinks!  The coaster from Ishmael’s Seaside Tavern features the very White Whale that Ishmael and the rest of Ahab’s crew chased on their fateful voyage. 

         Our intern researcher Livia Curtis returned with reports that Wonderland has changed quite a bit since Alice’s journey through the looking glass, but that’s still just as nonsensical as ever.  Aside from her experiences encountering spiders with wireless webs, battling it out with rapping paper, and dodging yarn bombs, Ms. Curtis also chanced upon a small little cocktail bar situated in the stump of a tree (she had to shrink of course) called The Rabbit Hole.  She got it on good word from a local Sack Beetle that the establishment had been set up nearby where a visitor had entered the realm some time ago.  A nearby Sky Badger wearing a bomber jacket immediately piped up in disagreement stating that the establishment was once the portal from which all magicians pulled rabbits from their hats, and the two immediately set into argument.  Our intern used the ensuing fracas to pocket a few of the coasters from the establishment, which feature black and white leaping hares on a black and red chequered background.

         Professor Helena Fitzwater traversed the Indian Subcontinent, visiting cities and temples, and trekking through perilous rain forests to hunt down the vestiges of Rudyard Kipling’s influence.  Expecting to find establishments referencing characters like Mowgli, Bagheera, or Baloo; she was instead pleasantly surprised to find a bar made in tribute to an often overlooked hero featured in the Jungle Book.   Rikki “Tiki” Tavi’s was a small little bar in Madhya Pradesh near an old British Colonial estate named after the prized pet of the people who once lived there.  The bar’s Tiki style took advantage of many of the unique tropical fruits and spices available locally.  After striking up a conversation with the owner, Professor Fitzwater was able to get the kind gentleman to agree to let us use his bar’s unique logo.

         Amygdalab lead bibliothecographer Dr. Morton Tickner was charged with dangerous task of retracing the famous voyage of Odysseus across the Mediterranean, and into parts unknown.  Thankfully, he was able to find something early on in his journey, on his seventh stopover.  After a disastrous dinner party in Laistrygones, Tickner happened upon a small island where he found a lovely Bar & Grill that specialised in roast boar.  He reports that the proprietor was a most accommodating woman with a remarkable presence that filled the room.  Being no fool, and fresh off the Laistrygonian incident, he realised that Circe’s Bar & Grill was the perfect place to become a vegetarian.  He maintained himself courteously and was sure to avail himself of a coaster before returning back to the lab.

The Amygdalab Fictional Bar Coasters set makes a lovely gift for writers, retired librarians, English majors, or even for yourself!  If you love books, these creative coasters are home décor essentials for book lovers!

Click Here to Get Yours:

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